TRAININGS – Solutions Ahead offers the following topics for experiential classroom learning: Organizational communication, Change Management, Strategic organizational planning, Time Management, Team Work , Teambuilding, Train of Trainers, Organizational Coaching, Leadership for Top Management, Leadership for Middle Management.

The learning architecture of each training contains a theoretical part, with explanation and demonstration of concepts, notions, research and needed details. However, the focus is on practice and feedback through exercises, role plays, case studies and simulations. Each training has a built in practical aspect that ensures the application of learned skills and aptitudes, and the follow up through a comprehensive after action review with participants and assessment with their managers.

For most soft skills TRAININGS, we recommend an off-site location to ensure the physical and psychological decoupling of participants from day to day issues, so that that we can maximize the learning experience. However, being cost conscientious, if the client’s facilities permit properly equipped training facilities we can commit to travel to your location and deliver trainings respecting our learning architecture.

Goal: To improve the communication skills of participants and ensure a robust internal communication structure to ensure overall effectiveness of informational aspects of business processes

Topics covered: Individual communication skills, Asking questions, Communication planning and structures, Crystalizing messages, choosing target audiences and channels, Accountability Meetings, How to assess Communication effectiveness.

Benefits: Improved communication structure in the organization, Positive approach to interpersonal and cross functional relationships, Elimination of ambiguities, Reduced gossip

Target groups: Any teams and professionals in the organization, Top and Middle Management Teams, Project Teams, HR Professionals, Internal Communication Teams.

Goal: To prepare the companies for organizational changes, individuals to cope with, embrace changes and lead change projects.

Topics covered: The change curve, 3 step Change Management (Planning, Acting and Communicating), Developing change objectives, Dealing with resistance to change, How to communicate changes, How to assess and celebrate successful change projects.

Benefits: Smooth transitions from current state to future state in business processes according to the company’s strategy, Minimize resistance and negative reaction to changes, Improved confidence in the capability of the company to perform.

Target groups: Top and Middle Management Teams, Project Teams, Merger and Acquisitions teams, HR Teams, Project Teams and Project managers.

Goal: To improve the decision making process towards long term and short term business objectives and operational plans of the organization. Setting up correct goals and supporting processes to communicate, cascade and assess the company’s performance.

Topics covered: Goal Deployment vs. Strategy Deployment, Breakthrough Thinking, Objectives setting, Goal and target cascading, Long term planning tools, Resource planning Communication planning, Performance assessment.

Benefits: Clear direction of the company (long term and short term), Shared vision, Managed expectations, Improved investor relations, Reduced stress for employees, Cyclical strategic planning process.

Target groups: Executive Teams, Top and Middle Management Teams.

Goal: To improve individual prioritization, long term and short term activity planning, achieve personal and professional goals and relationships.

Topics covered: Individual goal setting, Balancing roles and responsibilities, Activity prioritization tools, Long Term Planning, Daily Planning, Being the master of your time, Time thieves, E-mail management.

Benefits: Improved accountability, Increased personal productivity, Better work-life balance, Reduced stress, Clear goals.

Target group: All professionals in the organization.

Goal: To improve cohesion and cooperation between team members for greater cross functional work and organizational performance.

Topics covered: According to the goals of the session: Team creations, Split roles and responsibilities, 1+1 is sometimes more than 2, Relationship creation, Communication rullzz!, Cooperation exercises, Setting common goals, Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing, Positive Gossip, Giving feedback.

Benefits: Improved team performance, Better interpersonal relationships, Positive approach towards colleagues, Reduced stress, Improved communication.

Target groups: Any teams within the organization, Newly formed project teams, Individual departments, Cross functional convergence.

Goal: Together Everyone Achieves More – based on the team’s challenges and goals

Topics covered: A series of exercises and role play scenarios where teams need to co-create items and find common solutions to simulated business issues that can be transposed into everyday life of the company. Exercises are designed based on real issues within the organization. Each exercise if followed by a thorough debriefing to transpose the learning from simulation to the life of the company.

Benefits: Team cohesion, Improved cooperation, Positive approach to business issues, Better relationships, Conflict resolution.

Target groups: Any teams within the organization.

Goal: To develop training, presentation and facilitation skills for internal trainers within organizations.

Topics covered: How adults learn, Basic Learning Process, Presentation Skills, Facilitation Skills, How to manage questions, How to manage disruptive behavior, Managing nerves, Getting support for learning interventions, Training simulation with feedback.

Benefits: Proven increased training performance for participants, Public speaking, Better performance of technical skills through teaching, Career development.

Target groups: Anyone within the organization who needs to teach others: Managers, Supervisors, HR professionals, Quality engineers, Process Engineers, Agile coaches, Sales and customer relationship professionals.

Goal: To create manager-coaches within the organization that will accompany professionals in the company to achieve their goals.

Topics covered: Coaching basics, GROW model and/or Solution Focused, Silence, Powerful questions, Scaling models, Systemic Constellations, Positive Gossip, Performance Assessment.

Benefits: Better managerial performance, Career development, Improved organizational results, Increased trust in leaders, Accountability, Time management.

Target groups: Top and Middle Managers, Supervisors, Project Managers, Scrum masters, Agile coaches, HR Professionals.

Goal: To increase organizational performance through inspiration and leading the workforce towards achieving the company’s targets.

Topics covered: Organizational Design / Development, Visioning, Communication Skills, Interpersonal relationship, Delegating, Basics of coaching, Employee empowerment, Positive Employee Relations, Management vs. Leadership, Performance assessment, Shareholder relationships, Management Resources, Situational simulations and debriefing.

Benefits: Achieving organizational goals, Reduced employee turnover, Accountability, Improved Manager-Employee relationships, Better investor relationships.

Target group: Executive groups, Top Management Teams, HR Professionals.

Goal: To close the gap between employees and top management through improved leadership skills of direct supervisors and ensure organizational performance according to the company’s strategy.

Topics covered: Goal setting and cascading, Communication skills, Basic coaching skills, Interpersonal relationships, Delegation, Coordination and control, Positive Employee Relations, Management vs. Leadership, Dealing with disruptive behaviors, Employee grievances, Managing superiors, Succession planning, Situational simulations and debriefing.

Benefits: Achieving organizational goals, Career Development, Reduced employee turnover, Accountability, Improved Supervisor-Employee relationships.

Target group: Middle Management Teams, Project Managers, Department Coordinators, Production supervisors, Scrum masters, Product owners.

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