Tamas Kanics
Managing Director, Trainer & Coach

Dear visitor

Welcome to our website. Whether you are a potential customer looking for solutions for your business or your professional life, or you have just stumbled upon this page by accident and somehow your curiosity was tickled to read these lines, I bid you welcome and invite you to enjoy discovering solutions that lay ahead.

Everybody should have a professional creed, some call it vision, some call it future perfect. Ours is simple and is inspired by the teachings of Zig Ziglar: “you can have everything you want in life if you help others achieve what they desire”. Solutions Ahead was born to help. To help organizations find better, easier, more innovative ways to develop and improve their business; to help individuals discover their talents and put them to use; to help communities develop for the greater good which is beyond profit or market share (of course these are needed) by creating together solutions to problems that stand between you and your goals.

As we are young as an organization, through what we have learnt in our previous professional lives we bring it all together to develop others who need and want to improve. Whether it was the best training you have ever seen, the best coaching session you ever had or the best project you ever done, we hope and believe that we are up to the task to top it and work with you find your solutions.

You might want to increase your production and you are running out of space or resources, you might have to increase the employee engagement and stop attrition, maybe you are preparing for a transfer and have no idea how to communicate that efficiently, you might have a new team and you need help to work better together or maybe you are an individual who wants to discover your career path. all of you have something in common: your solution is ahead of you. Always ahead. Because the best thing about the past is that we never go there again.

Since in our professional lives and in business there are no same issues we find it hard to sell a recipe for success. Our belief is that everybody who was ever successful found their own “secret sauce”. You cannot buy that, whatever any consultant says. We can assist you and accompany you along the way and if you choose us to walk this path, you will get a lifelong partner who will use all past experiences, new learnings and dedication to co-create your next steps, rather than trying to sell you “a standard script” on what to do. You, as everybody else, are unique, so are your goals and desires, and so are your problems. It’s only logical that your solutions should be unique.

Of course, there is knowledge and experience that might be missing, some tools that are needed, even the simple ones that we might help you with. Might be soft skills, Lean, Six Sigma, coaching, brainstorming or organizational development tools, in our approach they all have a common denominator: Solution Focused.

The Solution Focused approach grew from the work of American social workers Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg, who’s practice, and research proved that addressing what clients want to achieve without exploring the history and provenance of problems is far more effective than, at the time, traditional ways of healing. In time, and with practice, the Solution Focused approach found a great deal of sense in the business world by being applied along with other tools to help people to develop and business to grow in a sustainable, healthy and positive manner.

This is our creed, this is what we stand for, this is what we will bring to the table. And if you choose to further explore letting us work with you, I humbly invite you to discover more through this website or just contact us to have a conversation about what you want to achieve and how we can help and accompany you to do that.

“You can have everything you want in life if you help others achieve what they desire” Zig Ziglar