The year is 1999. The place is Oradea, Romania. The event is Career Days organized by AIESEC, an international student organization. Being very active young first year student, I wanted to do something aside classes, mainly not to get bored, so I thought “part time job, why not?”. One of the activities there and then as part of the event was a training on “How to write a CV and how to prepare for an interview” delivered by Octavian Pantis, Bestselling Author, Awarded Trainer & Speaker, Co-Founder TMI Romania & Qualians. Seeing Tavi train, impressed and inspired, I said to myself “I can do that” … and this is how decided to explore the world of adult education and professional development.

Everything what happened since then was in the direction of gather practical experiences, knowledge and learning that could one day benefit potential customers. Time spent in Project Management, Advertising, HR, Organizational Development, Lean Management, Operational Management, Supply Chain and R&D; all these experiences, constantly working in the mean time to develop training, coaching and facilitating skills were helpful and useful to understand the learning is a never-ending story. Doing business in Romania, Hungary, Greece, Czech Republic, Germany, France, UK, Morocco, Italy, India, Slovakia allowed me to understand the cultural and human aspects of operations and processes. Every client, colleague and partner had something to teach me and this will never stop.

As I said, Solutions Ahead is here to help. Whatever the issue, the solutions are there, just waiting to be discovered. We would be honored to facilitate that discovery by putting all the above mentioned experiences in the service of this endeavor.

There is no universal solution to different kind of problems, no tool that fits all. So according to what you want to achieve we offer:

TRAINING – knowledge and know how transfer through experiential learning in a classroom environment to increase maturity and awareness of teams

COACHING – using Solution Focused and GROW approach for those who know what they want to achieve but they are struggling with how or confused between too many of uncertain options

PROJECTS – Lean, Six Sigma or Organizational Development in companies that want to improve their processes, create stability and growth using tools with a track record of best practices in businesses

PROFESSIONAL FACILITATION – for management teams in organizations that want to improve their decision making process, that want to increase the efficiency of their board meetings

CAREER COUNSELING – for students and young professional who want to prepare themselves for a future career by focusing on their objectives and talents and learning how to channel their development according to them

“You can have everything you want in life if you help others achieve what they desire” Zig Ziglar